Thursday, 14 July 2011


I am free!! Two whole weeks of holidays!!! yay!!!
I haven't blogged in ages, because of my ridiculous workload, but now I only have 3 assignments to do over the holidays, so I am feeling the FFFFFRRRRREEEEEDDDDDDOOOOOMMM!!!

My life as it currently stands:
I am taking it easy with the ToastMasters stuff at the moment, and am focusing on getting ready for the club contests and finishing my Competent Leadership award, rather than starting work on a new certificate.

Nanny Centre is full-on, but for the most part I am liking it.

Work is pretty good, too.

I have been doing a bit of performing around the place, which I have been thoroughly enjoying.

I LOVE MY FRIENDS!!! Especially Amy S, Claire S, Sharry R, Hayley B, Tash M, Jess L, and Rachie M.

I LOVE GOD!!! I am learning how to let Him romance me.

So there you have life in a nutshell.

Melanie Raye.

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