Sunday, 26 July 2015

Breaking Down the Fruit of the Spirit of Self-Control

Hey friends! Lately I have been thinking about the fruit of the spirit of self-control, and all the different aspects of this fruit, so I thought I'd share a little breakdown of my thoughts with you.

Some of it is based on things I have read, and some is based on my own personal revelations.
First, self-control = resisting temptation to instigate or participate in evil thoughts, words, or actions. This is kinda the obvious one.
Second, self-control = self - responsibility. Taking care of your own chores/work/study etc, not expecting someone else to do it for you. And if you have a issue that you can't resolve alone, you responsibly seek help from experts who are qualified to support you (eg teachers). Also, take responsibility for any mistakes you may make. Third, self-control = self care. Only you (and God) really know what you need, so take it upon yourself to get enough sleep and exercise, eat everything in moderation, have enough alone time and enough social time, seek help from doctors, counselors, etc as necessary to maintain your physical and emotional health. Fourth, self- control = self-management. Another word for this is autonomy. This is something you gradually develop throughout your life. It involves making decisions for yourself, such as what your boundaries are, what kind of company you choose to keep, what you will study at university (and possibly where you will study it), managing your financial situation and obligations, deciding where you will work, etc. And fifth, self-control = self - regulation. It spans from the idea that even a good thing in too large a quantity is no longer beneficial. It means being able to say no to yourself sometimes. This could involve not taking another biscuit when you have already had three, not spending all day in bed when there are other obligations already in place, not spending all night on Facebook when you have an assignment to finish, etc. Again, all these things are great, as long as they are done in moderation. E.g Facebook is a wonderful social tool, but it becomes unhealthy when it starts to consume your life and take up all your time. I hope this is helpful for you, dear readers!

Melanie Raye.

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