Monday, 16 June 2014

15 Reasons Why I Love My Mama

Hey guys, 

So tonight I'm taking a break from studying coz I want to do something special for my mama. She has been so amazing these last few weeks while I've been practically tearing my hair out from stress, so I wanted to do something to honour her. So here is a list (not comprehensive, by any means!) of 15 reasons why I love my mama.

1. She supports me. She has always let me make my own decisions with regards to what I want to study, my extra curricular activities, etc. Nowadays, she supports me with things like my YouTube channel ( It's so amazing to have her in my corner like that.

2. She doesn't just accept my crazy...she joins in, too. One great example of this is the day that we parodied the movie "Mamma Mia" over skype chat. It was glorious, I tell you.

3. She is the most amazing baker. And, ever since I was a little girl, she would let me help her bake...and then came my favourite part. She would let me lick the wooden spoon, the spatula, the beaters, and sometimes even the whole freaking mixing bowl. YUM.

4. She shares some of the same tastes in music that I do. Three artists/bands that immediately come to mind that we both love are ABBA, Shania Twain, and Celine Dion.

5. She lets me share my love of Glee with her by watching a full season of the show with me almost every time I go to Australia to visit her.

6. She loves my friends. It means the world to me that she approves of the people that I have chosen to do life with.

7. She knows that a movie marathon is not a movie marathon without popcorn, chips, dip, and lollies of some description.

8. As I have grown into a young woman, she has become a close friend as well as my mother. I love that we can go out and "be ladies" together, get our hair done, go shopping, out for coffee and/or dessert, or to the movies.

9. She raised me to love Jesus. I have her to thank for a good part of why I am walking so close to God now.

10. She taught me to live generously. I know that one of the main reasons why I so love giving gifts, sharing food, and donating to charities or even random buskers on the street is because she modeled that to me.

11. She shares my love of reading. I never have to pack any books in my suitcase when I go visit her in Australia, because I know that she will let me raid her bookshelf to my heart's content.

12. She says often that she is proud of me and loves me...and not just to me, but on Facebook for all her friends to see. I am glad that she sees me as someone worth declaring her love for.

13. She has always put in the effort to make birthdays, Easters and Christmases really special days for us. I like our special little traditions such as eating pancakes on Christmas morning.

14. When I was little, she used to leave notes for me in my lunchbox to surprise me at lunchtime. I loved getting those little notes so much.

15. No matter how old I get, she will always call me her baby...and I will always call her my mama.

I love you mama!

Melanie Raye.

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