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My Fan Theory about "Mystical Feather" (from Heather Feather's ASMR Role Plays)

Hello dear readers!

Today I want to write you about one of the most interesting characters in Heather Feather’s ASMR Role Plays (henceforth referred to as “RP”s). This character is Mystical Feather. I have been working on this fan theory for about 4 months now, & I by no means think that I have it all together (heck, I could be WAY off-base, for all I know!), but I wanted to share it with you guys, anyway.

So, let’s jump right in, okay?

In the 2nd Comprehensive Physical Exam RP, Doctor Feather informs us that she “knows all about” people undergoing testing in exchange for cake, which we know from the first Science RP takes place at ASMR Science (we as the audience underwent some of this testing ourselves). This implies that ASMR Science is a well-known company or entity in the Featherverse. We can therefore assume that because Mystical Feather owns ASMR Science (we learned this from the ASMR Science, Testing Your 5 Senses RP), that she too is well-known by many if not all of the characters that exist in the Featherverse. What we don’t know however, is how well she is liked or disliked.

Doctor Feather, as a medical practitioner, seems to disapprove of Mystical Feather’s unconventional methods. I also wonder if the “Skynet” program that logs all our information at Dr. Feather’s office is being imposed on Dr. Feather by Mystical Feather. This would indicate that Mystical Feather has a desire to acquire information about the people who are interacting with other members of the Featherverse. Would this be to gain new potential candidates for testing at ASMR Science, perhaps?

On the other side of the coin though, we notice that several Featherverse characters have business dealings with Mystical Feather. Twin Feathers Spa gets the supernatural hair growth tonic from Mystical Feather, and the Apothecary gets the special pills from Mystical Feather. A worker at ASMR Science (who obviously would be working for Mystical Feather), gives us as an intern a potion for “H” in the Jekyll & Hyde RP. The Twin Feathers Spa girls even mention that they got the hair tonic from “a little shop”, which I would assume is the same shop that we as the audience visited for crystals in the Magic Shop RP. These characters seem to trust Mystical Feather, at least enough to do business with her. Or maybe, Mystical Feather is holding something over them that pressures them to do what Mystical Feather wants. Is Mystical Feather capable of blackmail? Or does she have good intentions, but sees her more shady dealings as a means to an end? This would explain her interactions with us as the audience in the Magic Shop RP, where she essentially tricks us into letting her put a spell on us that somehow transforms us into someone (or something) that would be useful to her as an ally/apprentice.

Mystical Feather strikes me to be quite similar to Rumplestiltskin’s character in Once Upon A Time. She has her fingers in everybody’s pies (or, almost everybody’s anyway). Mystical Feather tells us this straight-up when she says in the Magic Shop (Crystals) RP that "I have my hands in a few projects. I dabble. I have a web with a thousand threads, and I know how each and every one dances". She also seems to like making deals with people. She even made a deal with us as the audience when she cast a spell on us in the Magic Shop RP, in exchange for a crystal. We also see in that same Magic Shop RP just how sweet, charming, and disarming Mystical Feather is. She invokes trust in people. We do not yet know whether we should trust her or not. Does she really care about us, or does she really want control? Maybe it’s both. Maybe she is an idealist with a specific view of what Utopia should look like, and she feels the need to control the other people in the Featherverse in order to make her Utopia a reality, but while still believing that this Utopia she imagines is the best thing for everyone.

Another little note is that Fairy Godfeather in the Fairy Godmother RP pinched “sleeping powder” from a woman with a cape that had MF on it. I can only assume that this is again Mystical Feather. This makes me wonder if whatever we ate at the end of the ASMR Science “Testing Your Five Senses” RP was also laced with the same stuff. This would mean that we are not dead, only sleeping. But why? The message from Doug Ratmann that was hidden in the eye chart in that same 5 Senses RP indicates that he thought everyone at ASMR Science was crazy. Could that be because he thought that Mystical Feather’s (and the other ASMR Science workers’) attempts to create Utopia through human testing were too extreme?

The tests that we underwent during the “Testing Your Five Senses” RP indicate a desire to give humans super-human senses/abilities, such as improved eyesight (with the eyedrops), increased hearing (through the spray), and the ability to smell things more strongly or smell things just by seeing pictures of them (with the stuff that gets shoved up your nose). Could this be because Mystical Feather believes that in order to have a Utopia, the humans dwelling within Utopia need to possess these aforementioned special abilities? It would appear that Mystical Feather also desires for humans to live forever, as she says in the Magic Shop RP "The chains that were binding that mortal body are broken".

The hidden message within the “welcome video” at the beginning of the “Testing Your Five Senses” RP seems to be that people have lost their lives through the testing that they underwent at ASMR Science. Does Mystical Feather regret this loss of life, and fear it like Jekyll in the “Jekyll & Hyde” RP, or is she more like “H”, seeing these people, too, as a means to an end in the pursuit of Science/Utopia/Eternal Life?

In conclusion, Mystical Feather seems to be a key player in the Featherverse, & I know for sure that we will see more of her, both in our direct interactions with her as the audience, and through the impact/ influence that she has on other members of the Featherverse. When it comes to this fascinating character, we always seem to have more questions than answers. One thing is very clear though- Mystical Feather is extremely morally ambiguous. I am excited to see where Heather Feather decides to take her. 

So there you have it- my own little fan theory about “MF” (as she has come to be known).

Bless you all heaps!


Melanie Raye.

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  1. I agree with you that she is morally ambiguous,but that just keeps me on the edge of my seat waiting for the next episode!! either way I hope we see lots more of MF p.s. I think your synopsis is dead on the money! good job Melanie!